H/T Orwell


Extract from CCHQ Communications Manual — Glossary

> ‘The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow’ (the ‘Annie’)

To make a wildly ambitious, unachievable promise as a means of deflecting from current catastrophic policy failures, e.g. Hancock & Johnson, 20 May: ‘Our world-beating Test and Trace system will be in place by 1 June’.

> Doublespeak (hat tip Orwell)

To assert a policy aim that directly contradicts policy, but in a manner that suggests the former is the logical outcome of the latter (see also: Gaslighting), e.g. Priti Patel, 18 May 2020: ‘We’re ending free movement to open Britain up to the world’.

> U-U-Turn

To announce a policy U-turn immediately after accusing the Opposition of doing a U-turn, thereby cunningly disguising your own U-turn, e.g. Boris Johnson, PMQs 3 June 2020, re proxy voting for so-called ‘shielding’ MPs unable to vote in person.

*This Glossary will be updated regularly as new & improved strategies for dissembling are identified*

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