Polski Blues

For only the second time, my mum has a European carer. Her name is Lena, she’s Polish and she’s lovely.

On Day 2, I show her our food stockpile. It’s because of Brexit and Covid, I say. Don’t want to run short.

Brexit? she says.

The UK leaving the EU, I say.

Is it something you like? she asks.

No, no, no, I say – a complete disaster.

Because, she says, some in Poland are not so happy in EU. We are a proud country with tradition, we are Catholic, so maybe better not?

Oh no, no, nooooo, I think.

I say: Lena, please learn from our mistake. Keep your freedom of movement; stay in the Single Market.

She looks blank.

Final shot: I show her a Daily Mail poll in which just 36% said they’d vote out now.

Why have so many changed their minds?

For the first time she looks thoughtful.

That, she says, is a good question.

4 thoughts on “Polski Blues

  1. So true. Do you listen to the Oh God What Now (formerly Remainiacs) podcast? They had an interesting comment on the Polish situation, re the Tusk opposition using the possibility of being thrown out of the EU as a way to galvanise people against the horrendous govt, as the Poles do actually know which side their bułka is buttered on…On a personal note, I’ve only just got my Polish passport, please let them not leave!!

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    • Thanks for that, Jo! I do listen to the podcast (excellent) and will seek the episode out – sounds extremely interesting. And congratulations on getting your Polish passport! Hooray! I’m hopefully in the final stages of getting a German one x


      • Ooh good luck with the passport. My eldest returned from a long weekend in Munich recently (her first time there). It’s re-galvanised her at looking at how she can get a job in Europe – the UK is just failing its young people, what can we offer them?

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      • Thanks, Jo! And yes, I agree with you: the UK is failing the younger generation. That double whammy of Covid and Brexit is devastating. Mine is abroad at the moment and enjoying living in a sane country. Wishing your daughter the very best in her search (and the more young people who actually experience what Europe has to offer, the quicker we can turn this disaster around)…


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