Banana Republic1 1974~

Ernesto Suarez3 raises his hands in theatrical surprise.

“Luis,4 what a coincidence! Good to see you!”

The two men sit down next to one another at the banquet table.5 At some point during the lavish meal, Luis shows the minister architectural sketches6 for a new, billion peso property development. By dessert, there’s a quiet understanding between the politician and the pornographer-turned-tycoon.

After some discreet phone calls,7 Suarez fast-tracks planning permission for the development, thereby saving Luis a local government levy of 30 million pesos.8 Two weeks later, Luis drops off a thick bundle of banknotes9 at the minister’s party offices.

When the bribe is exposed, El Presidente10 defends Suarez and says he “considers the matter closed”.11

No one is surprised.12

1 UK
2 2020
3 Robert Jenrick
4 Richard Desmond
5 Tory fundraiser
6 Promo video on mobile
7 Private text messages
8 £40 million
9 £12,000 'donation'
10 Boris Johnson
11 25 June 2020
12 No one is surprised

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