Plague Island

2042 GCSE History Exam

Question 6. Why did Prime Minister Boris Johnson decide to proceed with so-called ‘Freedom Day’ on 19 July 2021 — despite a COVID-19 daily infection rate of 54,000, a population that was 48% unvaccinated, the heightened risk of Long COVID and vaccine-resistant mutations, and his Health Minister contracting the virus two days earlier?

a.  utterly incapable of learning from past mistakes

b.  reliant on swivel-eyed libertarian Tories to stay in power

c.  chance to implement the Social Darwinist herd immunity strategy called ‘Let the Bodies Pile High’

d.  privatising the NHS was easier once it was on its knees

e.  rampant case of Old Etonian God complex

f.  tanking the economy with a Hard Brexit somehow wasn’t enough

g.  bored, decided on a whim to ‘let it rip’

h.  what do the ‘experts’ know, anyhow?

i.  completely insane

j.  all of the above

10 bonus marks if you can name the landmark criminal negligence case brought against Boris Johnson in 2025: ________________________________________.

Graph from, 18 July 2021. 

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