Hancock horseracing

“Jon, a quick word about the tweet that’s just gone out.”

“Yes, Minister?”

“You don’t think it looks a bit too upbeat, do you?”

“Upbeat, sir?”

“Well, you know, given the whole excess deaths thing.”

“A flutter at the races will take their minds off it, sir.”

“And you’re sure they won’t twig…?”

“…that you’re Health Minister?”

“No, Jon. That I’m the MP for Newmarket.”

“I really wouldn’t worry, sir. They’re all too busy barbecuing.”

“Right. Splendid. In that case, I suppose we’d better give Dido a ring. See how the Test & Trace malarkey’s coming on.”

“I’m afraid she’s in a Jockey Club meeting this afternoon, sir.”

“Ah well, I guess it can wait. Pass me The Racing Post, would you?”

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